Plant-Based Food Entrepreneurship


How to Take Plant Based-Foods Beyond Niche (e.g. Vegan) to Mainstream Markets

Join us exchange useful knowledge for current and future food innovators and entrepreneurs to innovate, start, build and scale businesses and social enterprises, as well as providing a forum to network, connect and enjoy delicious food.

For this first event, we're excited to bring to you a fantastic group of experts who will share their expertise and research-based insights on how food innovators & entrepreneurs may seize opportunities and take plant-based food products beyond vegan consumers to tap into mainstream markets.

Date: Friday, Feb 9
Time: 2pm - 4:30pm
Place: QUT, Gardens Point, room P512 (P-Block)
Registration: http://bit.ly/PLANTBASEDFOOD (General tickets) - $15

At this event, you will learn about:

>Key trends intersecting to amplify opportunities for plant-based food innovators & entrepreneurs

>Growth of the Australian and other markets for plant-based foods

>How food innovations are adopted & diffuse through social groups & what innovators & entrepreneurs need to do to cross chasms to reach mainstream markets

>Reasons for & against individuals' adoption of veganism or plant-based diets and the diffusion of veganism throughout society

>Food psychology: why people eat (or choose not to eat) meat & what that means for innovators & entrepreneurs

>Strategies top chefs and wine makers who innovate employ & how you may too

>Marketing strategies for entrepreneurs to take traditionally niche products to mainstream markets

>The startup and business journey of seasoned food industry professional/entrepreneur, Deb Peralto, who founded Dello Mano luxury chocolate stores (which are reportedly home to "Brisbane's best brownies") & will share her motivations for, and experience, (successfully) developing and introducing plant-based options (mmm enjoy at afternoon tea)

> The social discussion about veganism - (analysed with cutting edge research tools at the Digital Media Research Centre) - how it's changing & why that matters

>Talented foodie Aparna's food innovation and startup journey co-founding wholly plant-based food label Nutsy, which offers artisan nut-based cheeses, & has harnessed less traditional means for making and distributing Nutsy products

>Panel Session:
There will also be a moderated panel discussion in which audience questions will be answered by our speakers.


Afternoon Tea will be a delight for your senses! Enjoy tea, coffee, and special treats, including our guest entrepreneurs' luxury hand-crafted brownies and specialty cheeses.

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